solar pv

Advantages of Solar Energy

Why solar panels are good for the environment

Our world is facing a climate catastrophe. Studies show that CO2 emissions created by fossil fuels are negatively impacting our environment.

Because of this the EU has set binding targets for member states to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2020. In Ireland some form of renewable technology has been required for new homes and since 2010 and carbon taxes have been in place for non-compliance.

The sun delivers more energy to our world in one hour than is used worldwide in an entire year which you can convert into electricity using modern clean energy technologies.

Installing a Green Electric solar system will help reduce your CO2 emissions by about 350kg or over a third of a tonne every year!

Not only will this positively impact our environment, it will also help reduce your carbon tax, and increase your BER rating all while saving you money. While many are attracted to Green Electrics solar PV system for the positive impact it can have on our environment, there are multiple financial benefits for households looking to switch.

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