SEAI Grants

Solar Panel Grants

Do you qualify for a Solar PV grant?

SEAI has a grant available for retrofitting Solar PV to houses built before 2011. To qualify for this grant the installation must be carried out by an SEAI registered installer, such as Green Electric.

If you apply for the grant we will complete the paperwork for you!

This SEAI grant transforms Solar PV installation into an affordable option for many more households across Ireland. The grant is €700 per kw of solar panel installed, and an extra €1000 for battery storage. The size of the house dictates the size of the Solar panels required and Solar PV systems with over 7 panels will require planning permission.

Let our highly experienced consultants guide you through the application process.

New Solar Panel
Grant Available!

Get up to €3,000
towards installation

Completing grant forms can be complicated and daunting, so let our highly experienced consultants guide you.

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