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What is a Solar PV System?

How Solar PV Works

Solar panels that produce electricity are called ‘Solar Photovoltaic’ (PV) modules. A domestic Solar PV system includes solar panels that are mounted to your roof, or garden, which are then safely connected to the electric loads within your home.  

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Solar panels capture the sun’s radiation energy and send that energy to an inverter. This inverter converts energy from DC (direct current) to AC (alternating current), which can then be used in your home. All homes in Ireland use AC power.

Solar PV output is predictable and ideally suited to our Irish climate.

Our solar collectors have been designed for Irish weather conditions.

They can produce electricity with natural daylight, not just direct sunlight like other solar panels. Our high efficiency mono-PERC panels capture the diffused radiation which is produced naturally during daylight hours in Ireland.

A diverter will also send excess energy to your immersion to help with your hot water needs, and the excess can also be stored for use at night.

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What are the Advantages of Solar Energy

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